28 August 2014

Puppy Face

This is not the first-in-forever blog I wanted to post, but I had to order a new computer and I won't get iet until tomorrow. Until then ...

Meet Kira. 1/2 Corgi, 1/2 Labrador. I call her a Corgador She will be 12 wees old on Sunday.

18 December 2012


I have got to get something off my chest. The horror I felt when I learned about what happened in Connecticut has been matched by my anger and disgust at talking heads like Mike Huckabee and every other post on Facebook saying that we should not be surprised by these events, because we don't allow God in our school. This is God's doing? This is God's fault? This is God's retribution?

My goodness! What a petty, petulant, grudge-holding and monstrously cruel god you serve.

My God is infinitely loving. My God is everywhere at all times.

How terribly Old Testament of your god.  See, my God sent this one guy ... oh, what is his name? You know ... that fellow whose birthday we're celebrating in a few days. Who ... oh, that's right, Jesus. Remember him? My God so loved this world that he gave us his only son, Jesus, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

If you, for one moment, believe God was not in that school or that there weren't angels there guiding staff and keeping other babies safe from physical harm or that Jesus wasn't there to embrace those souls and welcome them to their eternal home, then you don't know God at all,

That, too, is a tragedy.

No, Mr. Huckabee, I don't want your version of your god taught to my children. Children are so precious to God and I won't have your warped take on Him or your skewed views on religion drilled into them. They should never ever EVER fear that God will withdraw from them for any reason, especially for something over which they have absolutely no control.

I learned that the separation of church and state was for the benefit of both sides. I never fully understood that until I was an adult. I don't want my child being forced to learn about Huckabee's god or the Hail Mary prayer or being made to pray on their knees on a rug facing Mecca. That is wholly unfair, unconstitutional and illegal. It is also wholly unfair, unconstitutional and illegal to force your child to listen to and/or partake in a Hindu prayer or Jewish prayer or Catholic prayer. Christianity is not the world's only religion, even within Christianity there are different sects/beliefs. Does Mr. Huckabee want his (grand)children made to adhere to vegetarian and kosher diets of the Seventh Day Adventists or the writings of Joseph Smith or the teachings of Muhammed? No, of course not. He wants to indoctrinate my child with his twisted beliefs.

The fact is, you are free to pray to any being you feel like at anytime you feel like. God is ALWAYS there. Always.

My God has a plan. I don't know what it is and, right now, I don't know that I want to know what it is. I don't know why He needed those souls at that time, I just know that He did. And I want to be shocked and sad and not have that intruded upon by idiots with stupid and untimely bluster.

Just be still and know that He is God

23 October 2012

Just sitting around

On Facebook, my cousin-in-law was teasing his wife (my cousin, who was recovering from a c-section) by saying something like she was "sitting around, doing nothing". Now, he is a total sweetheart and meant no offense, but it got me thinking.

Sitting all day, every day is so much harder than one might think.

I mean, really. You (and for this entry "you" is a collective term for those not in wheelchairs) sit anywhere for a while and your butt falls asleep or your legs fall asleep. You just need to stand up or switch seats or move around.

Well, I can't. And my butt does fall asleep, my legs do fall asleep. I can shift an inch or so, I can bend forward and touch my toes, I can heft myself up with my arms so that my bum is totally up -- but I can only hold that position for a few seconds. Sometimes, I bend sideways over the sides of my chair.

I am not complaining. That post just got me thinking, you know? I used to walk, I used to stand up and switch seats and move around whenever I needed to or whenever I felt like it. Yes, that is a bit sad and yes, it can be frustrating. But people don't think of those small things -- heck, I'm the one in the wheelchair and I don't think about it.


Remember when I posted that photo of my bum? All needle jabbed and starting to bruise? That was ... shall we say, uncomfortable. Yeah. And I had to sit on it.

Not good times. But, you know, it is what it is.

I plan to post a little more about my wheelchair-ness and my Friedreich's Ataxia. Not every post, but if it is on my mind, I've decided not to shy away from topics anymore.

19 October 2012

And, perhaps, jazz hands

This is what I  wake up to every morning, the view from my bedroom window:

I do not know what the bush to the left of the window is. There is a matching one off-camera and to the right. In the summer, little wrens flit back and forth. When the window is open, they use it as a stepping stone between the bushes. It is quite charming and Snow White-ish. It can also be SO IRRITATING when they start their little game at 5am in July, when it was too hot to fall asleep until 2:30 in the morning, you have to be up at 7 and you have an ear infection so painful you wish you had Prince Charming's sword to fall on.

See what I did there with Snow White and Prince Charming?



My neighbor across the street has that maple tree and I love the colors it changes to in Autumn. It was gray and cloudy on the day this was taken, but on clear days that tree is the most vivid scarlet. Sometimes, before it is all red and still has orange yellow leaves, it looks like it is on fire. Like my very own burning bush. I have the urge to see if it will speak to me and/or set forth any new commandments like, "The world shall submit to the will and authority of Kim and the nations shall pay tribute in the  forms of yummy cheeses and Toblerones**"


Sorry. In my defense, I am a direct descendant of Charlemagne (yay, family history!). World domination is in my blood.

Back to the yard:

That little twig of a tree is a Weeping Snow Fountain Cherry. It is surrounded by Chrysanthemums. Four are a rusty red color and four are MAGIC chrysanthemums.

Really. I wish I had thought to take photos earlier They are purple, yes? WRONG!. Kind of. They were purchased as white. They bud white. They bloom out, all nice and big and sunshiny yellow. Then they turn a lovely pale pinky-purply. Finally, they end up the purple you see.


** small print: "But, you know, only until the Lord descends from Heaven with cries of command, voices of angels and trumpets of God and so on and so forth and all that."

02 October 2012

Super Nerd!

I feel like I run out of things to talk about. I'm pretty boring. I'm done with school for now, so I don't even have that to whine about. Even I get tired of writing about my cats, even though they are the most awesomest kitties. Like, EVAR.

In a funk, I guess. Sigh.

MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) has a new ... panel thingy or site or something for adults with MD. It's mainly geared towards younger adults, I think. I thought about linking up my blog, in an effort to create some kind of incentive to write more. But I realized that I don't write about my ataxia very much, I don't make it a focus of a single post very often.  Sometimes, I wonder if I am treating it like an elephant in the room, though. If any of you ever have a question, please ask.

At the very least, it'll be fodder for another post!

I finally watched all of the episodes in the first half of this season of "Doctor Who". I get the episodes through iTunes and, because I am not particularly patient when it comes to this sort of thing, I wait to watch until I have all the episodes, so I can watch them back-to-back (a season/series (if you're a Brit) of DW is usually/often split in  two parts, with a fairly epic special at Christmas). I am ... um ... pretty traumatized by this last episode. I honestly teared up. I don't know if I'll be okay by Christmas.

Hi. I'm a nerd.

That reminds me of 1st grade. The same reading book was used by several grade and each grade would read from different chapters or areas in the. It was like 29 years ago (I am old, y'all) but I think the reader was called "Sounds of a Young Hunter" or something equally odd. Hang on, I just remembered that Google is a thing ...


It's on eBay! Oh man, now I need to troll eBay for childhood nostalgia. I already have a vintage "Alphie" and a complete set of Smurf glasses.

I digress ... I was flipping through the reader and saw a story about a mouse. It was in the big kids section but I decided to read it and, as Christmas break happened soon, it was the perfect time to read the story. And, since my Grandma had bought me a new book about dogs for break, I'd never get bored!

I remember planning the vacation out by which book I would read when. First, I would read the dog book -- "Where the Red Fern Grows" and then the mouse book -- "Flowers for Algernon".



I had no warning. None. These books ... destroyed me. Devastated me. My little 6-year-old heart was completely shattered. I think I cried until Valentine's Day.

God, I love those books.

07 September 2012


Keko loves my mom. He follows her everywhere. He cries and yowls for when she is gone, which can be irritating for the others left behind. Kaiser hides from him and has been known to reach out and swat Keko mid-yowl. And, oh lordy, is that little cat jealous of the dog! He often jumps on my mom's back when she bends down to pat the dog.

So, when Mom took the dog outside for a brushing, Keko tried desperately to get her attention away from the dog:

Kaiser just watched, like Keko had gone nuts:

06 September 2012


I've said it before, but Kaiser holds chairs in high esteem. Very fond of that type of furniture. I don't know ... he's kinda weird.

Apparently, he thought I was making fun of him and made a face. How many cats do you know that stick their tongues out at people?